Information on Quarantine

Posted: 20/10/2007, 16:23


To accommodate late entries to Kenilworth Quarantine Station’s November shipment, the date of entry to the AHS Free Zone has been extended until 20 September 2007 with the revised expected date of departure from 19 November 2007 to the EU.

Given demand for a direct entry to the Middle East, negotiations are underway to facilitate this which will save a significant amount of time (30 days in EU) and costs.

As you are aware, Kenilworth Quarantine Station accommodates competition horses in training via access to an excellent 1400m sand training track (and walks within the racecourse infield). Furthermore, now that South Africa is entering its spring, the rain will reduce so conditions are expected to be perfect for the export horses.


Start free zone residency (20 days)20 September 2007
Start pre-export quarantine (40 days)10 October 2007
Depart for EU*From 19 November 2007

* Subject to negotiation with other trading partners, it is possible that they would accept a direct entry from Cape Town.

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