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Posted: 14/2/2011, 21:55

Hello everyone..!

It has been a while since our last newsletter.

Lots has happened..

Thanks Dad for spending 5 weeks with us and helping us through the garden route. I don't remember when last we spent so much time together. Thanks Ma for letting Dad out of your sight for so long.

Thanks to our sponsors and in particular Equi-Feeds our main sponsor.

We are now back in our home province the Eastern Cape. A friend recently asked us what the most challenging aspect of out ride has been thus far. Without doubt it has been the difficulty of stepping out of 'normal life' for so long and leaving our horses, dog and business behind. We realise now on arriving home how challenging, stressful and difficult this has been. So much so that we have spent 4 weeks here attending to 'normal life' - horses, horses, horses!

There have been so many people that have helped us to take care of our horses and business while we have been away. We are really grateful to Helen Grapes and Andy barnes for always being there to help out whenever and under any circumstances. Looking after a herd of 15 horses in this part of the Eastern Cape which is crawling with ticks is tough to say the least. There were a few people that helped Helen to care for our horses and we would like to thank the following for offering their help and giving up there time. Lawrence (Helens groom) Vet Nick Fischer, June von Mihalik for the grazing space, Chris, Jann and Jessica Webb from 3 Sister Horse Trails, Natalie O' Neil, Sue Edwards for the horse products and medication, Equine Dentist Donovan Lamerton, Dane Theophillus, Heather Samuel and Haley.

On arrival in Kleinemonde 4 weeks ago we never imagined spending so much time here. Our horses from Fishriver Horse Safaris have been staying at a farm just outside Kleinemonde on the Shaw Park road. Thank you to Jo Plamer for caring for our horses, George and Michelle Randall, Phil and Clyde for the grazing and help these past months. They are all looking fat and relaxed. We were so excited to see our herd of horses and introduced our 4 travelling horses to the herd with no real problems.

After a few days in Kleinemonde we drove to the Haven Hotel on the Wild Coast, dropping off feed for the horses for our next stretch.

With the recent rains the ticks have exploded into action and we spent 10 days sorting out paddocks for the horses so that we could get ahead of the tick problem. Thanks to the Haven Hotel management staff Grant and Nicola Millar for shouldering the responsiblity of our business while we have been away. Thanks Kate, Sarah and Mary Anne Matthews at the Haven Hotel for your enthusiasm, care and love of our horses. Thanks Kevin and Leigh Schroeder at Nqabarga for the helicopter flights, accommodation and help.

On arriving back in Kleinemonde Fever had picked up an eye infection in both eyes. We started medicating and Helen Grapes once again stepped in to offer help and assistance enabling us to get back up to the Haven Hotel horses.

Special thanks must also go Paul and Jane Cowley for always being such true and special friends over the years and always being there for us. Warren and Amber Childs, sorry we could not spend time with you but thanks for helping us out in the past with lifts and accommodation.

We have had many horses related issues whilst riding and in our trail business over the years and we would like to thank Vet Dr Leon De Bruyn for always taking our calls and giving advice freely. You once saved Pula, our Ridgebacks life when he was bitten by a puff adder. We have lost count of how many horses of ours have survived because of you. Thank you.

If we have forgotten to thank someone then we are terribly sorry. We are forever grateful for the help and assistance we have been given.

We will resume riding at the beginnning of the New Year.

Merry Christmas and a festive New year to you all.

Isabel and Lloyd.

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