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Notice of restricted African Horse Sickness Vaccination Period
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My stable manager does not want the horses in her yard to be vaccinated because she says that the vaccine is a live virus, that has been cultivated from animal livers. She says that if you inject your horse with a live virus you could make the horse sick and possibly expose the horse to any diseases that the animal might have had from which the vaccine was originally cultivated. Is this true?

Asked: 25/11/2007, 21:18 by Anita Cary.
Answered: 25/11/2007, 21:23 by James Urry.

This is a wild claim and with the only truth being that AHS is a modified live virus vaccine and offers the best protection available to AHS. Horses can react to the vaccine and that is why you are advised to rest your horse for a 3 week period from vaccination. Daily temperatures are a good idea. The benefits of vaccination far out way the negatives of not vaccinating. Also one should remember that the more horses that are vaccinated in an area, the better the overall immunity.

Answer submitted by Dr D. Mullins, equine veterinarian.


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