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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know what the rules are for transporting horses? For example, if I needed to go from Hermanus to Stillbaai, what would the requirements be?

Asked: 30/10/2007, 13:46.
Answered: 8/11/2007, 17:55 by James Urry.

There are several different zones of control of African Horse Sickness. When moving horses, you do need to know in which zone the properties of origin and destination fall.

The regulations relating to movement of horses (including the demarcation of the zones) can be found in the following document:

AHS Control information pamphlet, including maps of the control zones.

In the above example: A horse moving from Hermanus (in protection zone) to Stilbaai (in infected zone) needs no documentation or vaccinations for the outward movement as one is moving away from the controlled area. However, should you wish to bring the horse back then all the stipulated documents and Veterinary certifications are obligatory. If the horse is permanently resident in the protection zone (eg. Hermanus) then it is in fact compulsory to have it vaccinated annually. If this has been done, the vaccination requirements should be met for it to return provided the vaccination was done more than 60 days prior to its' re-entry into the protection zone from Stilbaai.

Contributed by: Dr Gary Buhrmann, Chief State Veterinarian, Boland


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