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I have stayed on 3 different properties in the last 5 years and make notes of all injections, injuries etc. I might be wrong but in the last 5 years every time I vaccinate my horses I get a AHS outbreak - Most of the time at about 10 to 14 days after the first injection. This is very strange to me that it happens like clockwork. I take precautions and do not allow any new horses on my property during peak times. Besides that I also take other precautions but it is very alarming to me that my outbreaks come every time after I vaccinate. I also know of 2 other stud farms that noticed the same pattern! - Do you have any suggestions?

Asked: 15/1/2008, 20:42 by Tertia Thackwray.
Answered: 20/1/2008, 21:46 by James Urry.

When you talk about an outbreak,we presume that you mean mild symptoms of AHS.

This is probably due to the vaccine being a Live Attenuated Vaccine. It most certainly can cause AHS symptoms and in very rare cases, in young animals, even death. This does not mean do not vaccinate as it is still the best preventative measure we have.

Enormous strides are being made in the development of new vaccines but it will take years before these are commercially available.

Submitted by: Dr Dave Mullins, Equine Veterinarian.


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