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Notice of restricted African Horse Sickness Vaccination Period
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please provide ALL the symptoms for AHS. What should we look out for?

Asked: 29/1/2008, 08:36 by Almarie Prinsloo.
Answered: 29/1/2008, 10:28 by Douglas Welsh.


Incubation period is usually 7-14 days, but may be as short as 2 days

Clinical diagnosis

Subclinical form: fever (40-40.5C) and general malaise for 1-2 days

Subacute or cardiac form: fever (39-41C), swelling of the supraorbital fossa, eyelids, facial tissues, neck, thorax, brisket and shoulders. Death usually within 1 week

Acute respiratory form: fever (40-41C), dyspnoea, spasmodic coughing, dilated nostrils with frothy fluid oozing out, redness of conjunctivae, death from anoxia within 1 week
A mixed form (cardiac and pulmonary) occurs frequently: pulmonary signs of a mild nature that do not progress, oedematous swellings and effusions, death from cardiac failure, usually within 1 week
In the majority of cases, the subclinical cardiac form is suddenly followed by marked dyspnoea and other signs typical of the pulmonary form
A nervous form may occur, though it is rare


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