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Notice of restricted African Horse Sickness Vaccination Period
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is insecticide resistance a problem in South African Culicoides. If so, to which insecticide classes and what is recommended for spraying stables?

Asked: 28/2/2008, 08:37 by Maureen Coetzee.
Answered: 6/3/2008, 07:29 by Douglas Welsh.

At this stage there is no known resistance of Culicoides to the common Cypermethrins and Permethrins used in the control of AHS. There are however numerous variables which may affect efficacy such as Concentration used, frequency of application, how the product is applied, weather conditions and so on.


I must agree that more research is needed in this field and this would be an ideal thesis for a Masters student.

Dr Dave Mullins


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