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Notice of restricted African Horse Sickness Vaccination Period
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Movement and Controls

  • Hi, I need to move my horse from east london to PE, and then from PE to Cape Town on a float with the race horses. Is that movement permitted at the moment? Or does the racing industry have its own rules concerning the movment of their horses. My horse has been vaccinated and is a healthy 3 year old colt?
    Answered: 28/5/2008, 20:26 by James Urry.
    See the answer.
  • I want to move my Davenport Warmblood colt from East London to Cape Town. He was vaccinated 15 months ago. What is the procedure?
    Answered: 19/4/2008, 21:11 by James Urry.
    See the answer.
  • I am going to be needing to transport a horse from Kirkwood outside Uitenhage to Cape Town soon. Is there any indication how long the ban on movement will last for? I read that you said mid-April is usually the first frost?
    Answered: 19/4/2008, 21:10 by James Urry.
    See the answer.
  • I have just purchased a horse in Port Elizebeth and would like to move him to Cape Town. Are there any quarintine centres other than Beaufort West?
    Answered: 1/4/2008, 15:21 by James Urry.
    See the answer.
  • I am moving to Cape Town from Pretoria at the end of the month, and I am leaving my horse in Pretoria east where he is stabled for the time being until the movement ban is lifted. In the past, approximately what time of year was the ban lifted? Worst case scenario, what is the amount of time I would have to leave my horse in Pretoria? I am not very keen on doing a quarantine in Beaufort West?
    Answered: 12/3/2008, 10:09 by Douglas Welsh.
    See the answer.
  • I live in Pretoria and have sold a pony to people in the Cape Town area. What is the correct procedure to follow to transport the pony down? He has been vaccinated against AHS in Oct/Nov 2007?
    Answered: 12/3/2008, 09:34 by Douglas Welsh.
    See the answer.
  • Hello there. I would like to know: I just bought a horse just outside of PE, and would like to move him to Gauteng? Will I be able to do that or is it best to wait untill May when it starts cooling down?Although he has been vaccinated against AHS, i dont want to take chances or get into trouble. I dont know what would be the best!?
    Answered: 6/3/2008, 07:35 by Douglas Welsh.
    See the answer.
  • We are wanting to move horses from Pta to Stanford in mid-March(i.e. infected zone to protection zone) - they are now > 60 days since their 2nd h/s vaccine. Are their restrictions/quarantine reqts provided they have a health certificate issued within 48 hours of travel? If not, are we placing the horses at Stanford at risk by moving them now?
    Answered: 6/3/2008, 07:28 by Douglas Welsh.
    See the answer.
  • Once we have reported cases of AHS in our area of Krugersdorp. What is the waiting period before transporting horses in or out of this area?
    Answered: 11/2/2008, 16:45 by Douglas Welsh.
    See the answer.
  • If I wanted to bring horses from Natal (where there seems to be an apparent AHS outbreak) to the Western Cape(Stellenbosch area), what would be the safest way of doing this? I certainly don't want to risk other horses' health or safety?
    Answered: 26/1/2008, 15:56 by James Urry.
    See the answer.
  • How do I know what the rules are for transporting horses? For example, if I needed to go from Hermanus to Stillbaai, what would the requirements be?
    Answered: 8/11/2007, 17:55 by James Urry.
    See the answer.


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