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Riding for Horses Newsletter

Posted: 27/4/2010, 15:39

Hi everyone,

We are in Mafikeng / North West Province and have completed 3034 km's  so far.
In March month we rode the last portion of the Limpopo river into the first portion of the Marico river in the North West Province. We have noticed a definite drop in the temperature of about 5 - 8 degrees during the day. It makes a massive difference and its comfortable to ride now. For this time of the year we have had an unusual amount of rain.
We have ridden and camped through over 100mm's of rain the past 10 days.
We and our equipment has been soaked and it has made camping challenging. is getting cold at night. We are still following the border road near Botswana. We are currently riding through the former Bophuthatswane homeland. Its very remote, peaceful and beautiful.

Himba our one horse has been concerning us this past week. He just has not been himself and has had a couple of temperature spikes. We have taken his blood and they are running test through the North West State Vet Department.

We are staying about 25km's outside Mafikeng near Botsalano Game Reserve on Jagersfontein farm. We will be in this area for a couple more days to get results on Himba and do some running repairs to the bakkie. In the next view days we start entering one of the driest areas in South Africa - the Kalahari. Sand veld for as far as the eye can see...!

Regarding the Riding for Horse project:
We have decided that funding we raise needs to be directed towards helping horses from impoverished rural communities. This is where horses need help the most and where we feel we can make a real difference. In impoverished rural communities most equines are in poor condition, neglected and have a compromised immune system. The owners lack of resources and knowledge results in many horses dying of AHS and other conditions each year. This is very evident in the former Transkei near our horse safari business.

We are hoping that the ride will assist us in starting an equine welfare project in the former Transkei. We have vaccinated 300 horses against AHS in our area in the past 2 years. With further funds we hope to vaccinate more horses and to expand this project to include deworming, correct saddle and harness equipment, correct handling and riding etc in the future. We both realise this is a huge undertaking but each and every time we drive through the former Transkei we are shocked and saddened by the condition of most equines. Someone needs to help. Through Riding for Horses we aim to help and make a difference.

"Horses can not make choices for themselves. We need to make good choices for them."...Isabel Wolf

For those interested in helping us to make a difference please donate.
For more information check out

Take care and all the best.

Lloyd and Isabel


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