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Notice of restricted African Horse Sickness Vaccination Period
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AHS trust supports Agri-Expo equestrian show

Posted: 27/4/2010, 16:16

The AHS Trust, the non-profit organization funded by Racing South Africa, was established to support initiatives that reduced the risk posed by AHS to horse owners in South Africa.

As part of their communication drive, the AHS Trust supports various equestrian events including the annual South African Equestrian Veterinary Association (SAEVA) Congress in George and most recently the annual Agri-Expo Equestrian Show at Sandringham Farm in the Western Cape.

Both events were well attended and allowed those manning the Trust stands, Chairman Douglas Welsh at SAEVA and Kathy Wiles at Agri-Expo, to hand out the AHS Trust booklet and inform interested parties about the role of the Trust as well as how to best protect one’s horses.

The core activities of the AHS Trust are:

  • Providing an early warning system during outbreaks
  • Improved reporting during outbreaks
  • Improved collection of samples for analysis
  • Improved communications via the Trust website:, equine data-bases and regular media releases within the limits permitted by Veterinary Services. This includes educating horse owners regarding the movement of horses into the AHS Controlled Area.
AHS Stand at the Agri-Expo Equestrian Show
AHS Stand at the Agri-Expo Equestrian Show


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