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Notice of restricted African Horse Sickness Vaccination Period
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EQUINE RESEARCH … what you need to know

Posted: 14/4/2015, 21:06

EQUINE RESEARCH … what you need to know

Brought to you by the Equine Research Centre, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria

To all our readers, following discussions with some readers at the recent SAEVA Congress, and amongst the Equine Research Centre and Equine Health Fund teams, a decision has been made to re-structure how we communicate with you about research developments as well as general developments in the fight against the effects of African horse sickness and other equine diseases. 
As research doesn’t happen at regular intervals, it is sometimes difficult to give you enough information to form a monthly, or even bi-monthly ERC newsletter.  With the establishment of the Equine Health Fund (EHF), which aim is to raise sufficient funds as well as to support ERC financially, and its activities which are not always ERC science based, we will now give you a bi-monthly EHF newsletter, which will give you news about anything related to equine diseases, exports, movement control etc that isn’t ERC specific.  ERC will give you updates on scientific breakthroughs or developments and latest published papers. 
Having made this decision, it is ironic that there is quite a bit of material to include in this ERC news edition, edited papers about Midge Proof Jet Stalls and an article on the international recognition of SA scientist, Martin Schulman’s paper on equine herpes.  However, as these papers were only approved recently, we were unable to give you a newsletter in January or February. 
We hope you will continue to find our news interesting and informative, and that you will also enjoy the EHF Newsletter, which you will receive shortly.


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